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We are now looking for

University Trainees

to join us in INTERACT unit

The following trainee positions are available:


Trainee position 1: 

Job description:
- Design of games for supporting critical data literacy (this involves benchmarking, conceptual design, interface design and development/prototyping skills).
- Supporting data collection and analysis.


- Game design skills (conceptual design and programming)
- Statistics knowledge
- Prototyping skills
- Fluency to communicate in English
- Desirable: Finnish language skills

Duration: 01.03.-31.05.2023

Salary: 1559,45 e/kk

Contact persons: Marianne Kinnula (marianne.kinnula(at)oulu.fi) or Eva Durall (eva.durallgazulla(at)oulu.fi)


Trainee position 2:

Job description:

Working in the Make-a-Difference project, tasks:
- Design, development and evaluation of anti-bullying technology for and with children
- Disseminating information about the technological solutions in different ways, preparing for its adoption and use


  • design, development, evaluation skills, preferably Finnish language skills, communication skills

Duration: 01.05.-30.06.2023

Salary: 1559,45 e/kk

Contact persons: Netta Iivari (netta.iivari(at)oulu.fi)


Trainee position 3: 

Job description and requirements:

Research project on Children and Robots. Trainee will be responsible for teaching 3rd and 7th graders how to program the Nao v6 robot; hence, some programming skills (e.g., python, block programming) are required. Previous experience working with humanoid robots or with children / schools is a plus!

Duration: 20.4 - 18.6.2023

Salary: 1559,45 e/kk

Contact persons: Sumita Sharma (sumita.sharma(at)oulu.fi)


Trainee position 4: 

Job description:

Working in the AI-REG project on tasks such as collection of data from the internet related to the European Artificial Intelligence Act proposal and/or about concrete AI systems,  and/or systematic identification of literature for pre-defined topics, potentially participation in analysis of data. The exact tasks will be depend on which stage the project is in when the traineeship starts.

Requirements: Requires good English skills, Finnish language skills are of advantage. 

Duration: 1.5. - 30.6.2023

Salary: 1559,45 e/kk

Contact persons: Karin Väyrynen (karin.vayrynen(at)oulu.fi)


Trainee position 5: 

Job description: Data collection and data analysis and/or literature review related to usability and UX topics

Duration: 1.5. - 30.6.2023

Salary: 1559,45 e/kk

Contact persons: Dorina Rajanen (dorina.rajanen(at)oulu.fi) or Mikko Rajanen (mikko.rajanen(at)oulu.fi


Applications should be submitted using the electronic application form by February 5th, 2023. Applications sent by email will not be considered.

Type of employment Special fixed-term employment
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Oulu
County Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
Country Finland
Reference number 2023/47
Published 19.Jan.2023
Last application date 05.Feb.2023

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